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Terre di Mezzo


Laura Fiorio

Valencia, ES, 2010

Almost a half of the Mediterranean coast is occupied by buildings. Cabañal and Benidorm, two locations on the Costa Blanca are emblematic cases of how the speculation has started a process that homogenizes the identity of places, creating standards imposed from the outside rather than enhance local peculiarities. Both locations were villages who have been affected in different ways both related to this dynamic: Cabañal has been incorporated from the suburbs of Valencia, the typical buildings were anyway preserved, until a controversial project has led to the expropriation and demolition of a large part of the district to create a modern residential resort. After the 60’s Benidorm has been transformed into a surreal cluster of skyscrapers directly on the beach, where tourists and foreign investors are now the majority of the population whose mother thongue is English just in the middle of Spain. The few natives call the town Beniyork, making fun of it but at the same time denouncing the ever expanding overbuilding.

The project was exhibited at Les Nuits de La Rochelle, Voies Off Festival (Arles, 2010), Glocal3, Candiani Cultural Centre (Mestre, 2012)