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SS 125 Orientale Sarda


Fulvio Orsenigo

East Sardinia, IT,  2010 – 2011

Developed for the Institute of Regional Etnoantropology of Nuoro, the theme of the project is the visual experience of nowadays travelers in the contemporary landscape.

Outcome of a number of overflowing causes, the territory becoming landscape appears to be an essentially overdetermined phenomenon.

Ideal and neutral axis for a gaze is the infrastructural road SS.125 Orient Sardinia and some of its branches. Along this axis a cross-section of very different episodes was made, as traces of different and time-overlapping ways of living the territory, which after a careful analysis reveal surprising invariants involving both the anthropological and the landscape aspect, in their innumerable variations both historical and contemporary.

The project has been developed for the Regional Ethnographic Institute of Sardinia as a winner of the announcement promoted by the Region of Sardinia.