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Farming urban communities

Daniele Sambo
Glasgow, UK, 2011/2012

Sown starts as a reflection on the urban space, reclaimed, retaken and transformed by people. The photographic series uses a temporary light installation during the night to manipulate reality. Leaving space to the idea, the dream, the vision essential prerequisite to re-imagine and then change the space around us.
Our cities are offering a multitude of apparently ‘dead’ spaces, unused, where just nature seems to survive: urban wastelands which are the result of the de-industrialization or, in these days, of the financial crisis.
The project is composed by a series of photographs constructed collectively, underlining the participative process which generally brings to the reappropriation in these spaces. Every photograph is the result of a collective effort on two main levels: on one hand the space has been taken and transformed by the inhabitants with through a bottom-up approach; on the other there is a participative approach to the photograph, since the electric energy needed for the light installation is coming from the houses of the neighbours through long extension cables. Started in Glasgow the project just finished its second phase in Belgium and in The Netherlands, through a four month residency, Map Mobility Programme 2012 by Pepinieres europeennes.

In collaboration with: NVA, Glasgow Harvest festival, Glasgow School of Art, The New Glasgow Society, Stills gallery and Southseeds, Concrete Garden Possil, Woodlands garden, The hidden gardens, Dennistoun diggers, Couch house trust, OKNO, Citymined -Belgium-, Urbanahoeve, Farming the city -Amsterdam-, and many other smaller and bigger organizations working locally.

The project was exhibited at: New Glasgow Society, Glasgow, 2011; Candiani Cultural Centre, 2012, Venice; OKNO, Bruxelles, 2012; KIK, Paesi Bassi, 2012; The Briggait/Wasps, Glasgow 2012.