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20th Century Architecture in Reggio Emilia

Alessandra Chemollo with Roberto Sartor e Stefano Ferrando

Reggio Emilia, IT, 2010

Photo campaign aimed at re-reading the main buildings representative of the idea of city conceived for Reggio Emilia in the last century.

The work, commissioned with a high freedom for interpretation, was developed as a comment for an exhaustive research aiming at understanding the idea of ​​the city that has generated its contemporary scape.

To make the presence of architectural works topical, the photographic reading of the urban environment is being populated of the city life, portrayed in some of its socio-anthropological aspects.

The large-format photographs were exhibited together with the description of the architecture through drawings, sketches and historical photographs.

Curated by Andrea Zamboni and Chiara Gandolfi, DAPT

In collaboration with Giovanni Leoni, Faculty of Architecture "Aldo Rossi", University of Bologna and with Laura Gasparini, Foto library Panizzi, Reggio Emilia

The project was exhibited at Chiostri di San Domenico, Reggio Emilia, 2011

Catalog: Bruno Mondadori editore