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Alessandra Chemollo, Fulvio Orsenigo

San Donato Milanese, IT, 2005

The photographic campaign want to communicate the urban quality of Metanopoli, the ‘city of methane’ built for the workers of ENI (the Italian national oil and gas company) by Enrico Mattei. In the 1950s, when the two glass buildings were built the surrounding area was occupied just by rice and corn fields.

Metanopoli, planned and built following the most advanced urbanistic techniques at the time, was at the same time a work and life place. Today Metanopoli is still looking the same, with homes surrounded by big common and shared green areas, open and public.

The photographs, taken during the winter 2005, have been exhibited during the ‘Nuova fiera di Milano’, during the presentation of the new plan to transform the area.