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Ma quale architettura


Alessandra Chemollo

East Sardinia, IT,  2010 – 2011

Traveling through the region Sardinia it is possible to notice a varied and diverse range of architectural typologies, present especially on the coasts of the island. The morphology, the use of the space, the materials and the architectural details, of these buildings is the result of mixed elements, all coming from both culturally and geographically distant places. The project is using the photographic medium to register the different models and typologies built in the last 50 years (from 1960s): the ‘touristic colonies’ of the Costa Smeralda,  the typological cross breeding’ with elements coming from very different cultural and geographical areas, the potential remains of local preexistent architectural characteristics and models.

The project has been developed for the Regional Ethnographic Institute of Sardinia as a winner of the announcement promoted by the Region of Sardinia.