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In Isola


Alessandra Chemollo, Fulvio Orsenigo

S. Erasmo, Venice Lagoon, IT, 2001 – 2003

In the Island of Sant’Erasmo, located in the lagoon of Venice, the year 2000 signed the beginning of the shores restoration works, to  increase the protection against the erosion of the sea tides (Acque Alte). The ancient and complex urban fabric and all the relative surrounding, still inhabited by a population which still carries on local tradition and knowledges,  will be touched by hydraulic, structural and infrastructural interventions. Considering the coming transformations we decided to propose a photographic project which isn’t just a documentation or an artistic intervention, but something that wants to become part of the information to be used by the technicians for the project.  The idea is to give a different point of view, free from quantitative calculations and focusing on the unseen. Offering an approach where we could offer a vision on technical solutions in harmony with the spirit of the place to propose is that a different point of view could be useful for a better understanding of the place and the project itself.

A three yearlong project, a full immersion in a delicate environment, unperceivable sounds and undecipherable atmospheres. A reflection over the sense of inhabiting: a beauty to be found in the meaning of the term ‘home’.

The project, initially proposed to construction company, has finally welcomed and supported by the Department for Urban Planning of the City of Venice and exhibited at Torre massimilana in 2003.