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Come in volo


Architecture in Emilia Romagna in the late 1900

Alessandra Chemollo

Emilia Romagna region, IT, 2005

from Modena to Piacenza

from dawn till dusk

14 August 2005

27 points of view

25 meters high

a platform of fire brigade

This list is the method for an experimentation that came out from a common thought with Giovanni Leoni, realized for an exhibition coordinated by Piero Orlandi, among a project about the territory of Emilia Romagna, aimed to valorize the contemporary architecture.

Contradictions, misunderstandings, co-presences, and transitions of the contemporary landscape from a bird’s view: a vision from a distance, a polished and an aesthetically incorrect change of scale.

The project was exhibited at Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Bolgona, 2005