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Buio luce pietra acqua


Val Bavona

Roberto Sartor

Canton Ticino, CH, 2010

Darkness, light, stone, water is a short travel telling about the tight relation between Val Bavona and water, identitary element of this land, in the hydroelectric hearth of the Alps.

Big rocks are still falling down from the walls of the valley, hiding legends of goblins, smugglers, secret shelters, springs and transhumance. While the inhabitants are renouncing to the electric energy, up on the top of the mountains a complex system of pipes and waterwheels is producing and transporting the electric energy to the surrounding regions, from Ticino, until Milan.

The project was exhibited at L’architettura del Mondo. Infrastrutture, mobilit√†, nuovi paesaggi,¬† Triennale di Milano, 2012