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Roberto Sartor

Albania; Armenia; Austria; Belgium; Belfast (Gb); Berlin (De); Bosnia HErzegovina; Ceuta (Es); Cyprus; Gibraltar (Gb); Kosovo; Israel; Italia; Serbia; Basque Countries (Es); Palestine; Sveden; Svitzerland, Tanger (Ma); Turkey.

ATTRAVERSO explores cross-border practices, places of emotion transition, where two identities seep through themselves and are equally represented.The goal is the observation of complex economic, political and social phenomena, where they take shape and where their contradictions are clear. The images aim to bring back the perceptive dimension proper of the moment of crossing a line, the passage between two states.

01 Negev desert – Israel

02 Bosforo strait – Istanbul

03 Tunnel under a former Nato missile base – Italy

04 Hebron – Palestine

05 Smugglers – Switzerland

06 Check Point Charlie – Berlin

07 Former Custom

08 Siga, serbs enclave – Kosovo

09 Observatory, Shacolas Tower – Nicosia

10 El Biutz – Ceuta

11 Mostar Brudge

12 Cabo de Sao Vicente