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about us

fuorivista is a collective of photographers who use their projects to increase participation and knowledge of processes involving the transformation of landscape.
The methods include the use of direct interaction with the stakeholders in each specific context, and the use of original and contemporary methodologies, aiming to bring back photography as a proper tool to study and understand the landscape.

The goals of the associations are:
* creation and production of photographic projects to expand the knowledge and improve the analysis in the study of the landscape.
* development of a different set of tools and methodologies depending on each different context analysed
* organisation of cultural events to enhance the dissemination of the results and information at the end of each project
* organisation of educational courses on visual culture, photographic practice and techniques.
Cornerstone elements for fuorivista are: the definition of a method of analysis that is at the same time rigorous and flexible, the evaluation of a site specific approach with each context, and the consideration of the local traditions, knowledges and skills as a value.
The use of networks already present in each context with whome to analyse and identify a set of core themes, together with a division of complementary but shared responsibilities are both vital practices to realise photographic projects which are uniform in the conception but individually articulated in the modes of communicating and disseminating the outcome.

Between August 2009 and August 2010 fuorivista realized SISMYCITY, a photographic and communication project about the consequences of the earthquake that struck the area of ​​L'Aquila in 2009. It was a collateral event of the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale, and subsequently exhibited in Milan (Triennale Bovisa), Perugia (FestArch) Munchen (Hochscule Fakultät für Architektur).